Our preparations continue for DofE expeditions to restart in the summer.

To that end, we are monitoring the news daily and are in touch with DofE, our insurers and our schools to see what will happen. We expect to start running DofE expeditions in England from the 4th July 2020.

We will at all times follow the Government guidelines and make it clear what these are, and in addition put into place extra measures – Government advice may not be as detailed as, for example, how to use maps and compasses on an expedition, so we will take that into account – just as you’d expect.

Our measures will include:

  • A tent for each participant (for walkers we will help with transportation)
  • Each Walking participant will have their own map and compass
  • Each participant will have their own cooking gear and will cook their own food – again where this results in a disadvantage because food can’t be split, we will help with transportation
  • We will supply masks and hand sanitiser for any periods where people may be together
  • Participants will be treated as teams/bubbles (up to 7 or 8 if canoeing expedition)
  • We will provide dedicated toilet tents for each team, complete with their own wash station
  • Each Canoeing participant will have their own dedicated paddle, Bouyancy aid and helmet, for the duration of their expedition
  • Staff will stay a safe distance away and participants will be supervised for distancing – social distancing will be considered and applied in every situation
  • All expedition equipment will be quarantined for 72 hours after use

Our company Covid-19 policy can be found here and our Covid-19 risk assessment for schools can be found here.