We can offer you a tailored bushcraft session from a couple of hours to a whole day of activity.

Choose from:

- Fire lighting
- Tarp and Hammock Shelters
- Knife & Saw skills
- Cooking over an open fire
- Marshmallow
- Sausages on a stick
- Bread twists
- Making a hot cup of tea in a paper cup

Bushcraft not only teaches valuable survival techniques but goes further and enables you to enjoy the great outdoors, its surviving and thriving in the natural environment, and the acquisition of ancient skills and knowledge to do so

"Stig of the Dump"

A real favourite with Primary schools. Come to our location where we will provide you with the "stig of the dump" experience. You will scavange around the dump, build a den from the items found, and then have lots of fun learning and participating in the skills that would have kept a caveman alive. You can pretend to be Barney or Stig with your friends and enjoy a fantastic day out.