DofE Open Expeditions

Exciting DofE Open Expeditions for Individuals and Small Groups

If you don’t have access to an organised DofE expedition or you can’t attend your school’s expedition dates, our open expeditions are for you. We run a range of both walking, cycling and canoeing expeditions that are open to all and take place throughout the DofE expedition season. If you are finding dates difficult due to other commitments, so long as your group is four or more we can tailor dates to meet your needs.

Our aim is to assist in providing professionally delivered and supervised DofE expeditions for all young people. Our comprehensive ‘DofE Open Award Expeditions’ are ideal for making the expedition process challenging whilst enjoyable and achievable.

Joining one of our open bronze, silver or gold expeditions is a great way to meet new, like-minded people. Share the sense of achievement and enjoyment that comes from completing this part of your award together.

We provide training, practice and qualifying open expeditions at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. You can book the full package or just book the specific expedition that you need.

If your school or college can not provide you with the training required for a safe and successful expedition, then Live Life Adventure can provide comprehensive Expedition training that ensures each participant has the required skills and knowledge, to complete both their practice and qualifying expeditions. Candidates who join our Open Expeditions have a fun, exciting and stimulating time, in some wonderful environments/areas, making new friends, and having great experiences. If you choose our comprehensive training option it covers all aspects of the D of E syllabus, therefore you do not need any experience or to have done any training prior to joining the expedition.

Live Life Adventure do not compromise on training or safety, and will work closely with the candidates DofE Centre/School to ensure that any additional training that is required is provided before the expedition.

The training is run by a team of qualified and experienced instructors, all of whom have sound knowledge of DofE expeditions, and includes the opportunity for participants to undertake the entire Expedition Training Framework, with emphasis on navigation techniques, that enables participants to develop greater confidence at navigating, as well as the other aspects required to successfully complete practice and qualifying expeditions. Training is a combination of classroom and outdoor based learning.

All you need to arrange will be:

* Transport to and from the expedition or training weekend, for which we will provide advice on the easiest way to get to the start of your expedition;
* Your Personal equipment, for which we will provide advice on what is required and the opportunity to rent equipment if required for the duration of your expedition.
* All of your own food, but again we will provide you with guidance on this prior to the expedition and provide an opportunity to buy food (with guidance from your instructor) before heading out on your expedition.