Expedition Training

An expedition is a journey made with a specific goal, whether that goal is the endpoint or high-point of the journey or another purpose depends on the participants objectives.

An expedition can last from a couple of days to many days, and might include just a couple of people or it could involve a large group. The options are endless, though we recommend that expeditions are taken through inspirational environments which raises the value of the experience, increasing the longevity and strength of the learning from that experience.

The purpose of an expedition is to be decided by the participants, whilst we provide the training, support and resources to enable participants to maximise their chance of success.

We manage and support expeditions throughout the UK for many different types of groups and objectives, ranging from bespoke private and corporate group expeditions to Duke of Edinburgh Award practice,training and qualifying expedition support.

We can provide support and training to help with all aspects of an expedition, from the initial planning, to specific training required, to the equipment needed to successfully undertake the expedition of your choice.