Partnering with Schools

We have an excellent local reputation for delivering high quality expeditions that stretch and challenge students to their full potential. We specialize in working in developing close partnerships with schools and other youth organizations, aiding them to set up and maintain quality DofE programmes, which include expeditions that are progressive and set the correct level of challenge at each stage, while being fun, challenging and rewarding. We look to provide the participant with an experience which they are immensely proud of, which will stay with them for the rest of their lives, in some cases, helping shape their futures. These are the experiences that participants can talk about at interview with passion; enthusiasm and pride, making them stand out.

Our Staff

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff, all of whom are highly qualified and experienced in running successful DofE programmes. Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, but all all have one thing in common, that is their passion for DofE and the outdoors, and their enthusiasm for sharing this with DofE participants. All staff work regularly on DofE programmes and are fully up to date on the current syllabus and requirements of the Expedition section including the 20 Conditions.

First Aid Training

As part of our quality expedition training programme we provide at a small additional cost, 6 hours of professional First Aid training for candidates that leads to them earning a St John’s Ambulance, Duke of Edinburgh expedition first aid certificate. We have found that candidates are equally as proud of this certificate as they are with the DofE certificate, and equally proud that it recognizes their skill as trained first aiders.

Schools Package

Our Tailor-made Schools package is designed to meet your schools need, and includes:

- An assembly to recruit your participants (pre-signup)
- A session to inform your participants (post-signup)
- A parent’s information evening
- Comprehensive pre-expedition paperwork pack & kit list
- A locally held comprehensive expedition training day developed around the DofE recommended training framework.
- Training materials and helpful handouts for participants
- Organisation of all mapping, routes, and campsites.
- Campsite fees
- Planning, organisation and running of Practice and qualifying expeditions
- Supervision throughout the expeditions from experienced, enthusiastic and friendly instructors
- Overnight support from instructors whilst on expeditions
- DofE accredited expedition supervisors and assessors
- Qualified staff with appropriate first aid and DBS certificates
- Appropriate National Governing Body qualifications – all our Expedition Directors hold the Summer Mountain Leader award.
- A celebration evening (including expedition presentations) for parents/participants and staff.
- Full administration support including all DofE forms completed and engagement with regional DofE offices/expedition networks
- Support, pre, during and post expeditions from our office, all your questions answered promptly
- Thorough site specific risk assessments
- Stringent safety operating procedures
- 24hr back up during all expeditions
- Provision of all safety equipment

Equipment Package

If required, an equipment package can be added to the price which includes the provision of tents, stoves and fuel, rucksacks, roll mats and compasses for all.

Additional Support

In addition, within the local Gloucestershire area, we are able to provide the following, in partnership with the Schools DofE Manager:

- Support to weekly in school day DofE Expedition training sessions as required.
- Support and advice to the use and understanding of the eDofE system as required.
- Support and advice on the other DofE modules, Volunteering, Skills and Physical.
- Support and advice on the appropriate equipment and processes to be used within schools to deliver successful DofE Expedition programmes.
- Support and advice on the development of lesson plans and learning schedules to be used within schools to develop successful DofE Expedition programmes.
- Support and advice on transport options available to schools within the Gloucestershire area (to include organisation and booking support if needed).
- Support and advice on the NGB qualifications required to support DofE programmes within schools.